Having an up to date backup of important files is so important, yet it’s estimated that around a third of all computer users have never backed up their data, and around a half do so only once per year.

backupMost people consider files like family photographs to be the most important ones to have copies of in another location, but you should also be backing up your website on a fairly regular basis.

Here’s why:

In the last six months we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of attacks on websites. Hackers are attempting to break into sites in order to place malicious code on pages, which usually either embed links to dubious locations, or hijack the server to send out large quantities of junk mail.

If we detect that a website has been hacked the first thing we do is disable the hosting and contact you. We’ll tell you that we’ve found malicious code on pages within the site, and there’s action that needs to be taken before we can re-activate it. We’ll need to delete all files from the site, and once we’ve done this we’ll check it over, and then reactivate the hosting. We then restore the last clean backup of the site, and we’re all sorted.

That last part is important – “The last clean backup“. If there’s a backup available to restore then putting everything back to how it was takes around an hour. If there’s no backup then we’re back to starting from scratch, and potentially you’re looking at days of work.

New backup system installed on all WordPress sites.

To help keep all of our customers safe against cyber attacks we’ve taken two steps. Firstly, we’ve installed and configured the WordFence security system on each WordPress website that we host – this considerably reduces the risk of being hacked in the first place. Secondly, we’ve just completed the installation of the ‘Updraft Plus‘ backup plugin, again on each WordPress website that we host, and we’ve taken the first backup snapshot for each site. This plugin allows site owners to back up their entire site with a single click.

And it’s all automatic!

We appreciate that people are busy, and usually logging in to their website and performing a daily backup is the last thing on their minds – but it’s so important to do this to make sure that in the event of a catastrophe everything is covered. To make things easier for our customers we now include daily automated backups as standard with all of our hosting plans. It requires no user interaction, it just happens. For added security, site backups are never stored on the same server as the site itself, they’re uploaded to our dedicated backup vault in the cloud. We’ll keep 14 days worth of database backups, plus a full file and plugin backup each week for two months, giving us a variety of restore points to choose from.

You’re in control.

Backing up your website is a vital task that absolutely has to be carried out in order to maximise the security of websites and servers. We think we’ve got a great solution here, where it just happens automatically. We take care of the technicalities so our customers can get on with running their businesses.