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Poster Title: Keepers Sunday Bar Menu

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The Keepers Sunday Bar Menu
Breakfast served 7.45am-5pm
Bacon Bap: £3.55
Matfen Sausage Bap: £3.55
Fried Egg Bap: £3.00
Matfen Sausage, Bacon & Fried Egg: £4.50

All other items served 11.30am – 8.45pm
All served with Crisps & Side Salad – Served on either White or Wholemeal Bread
Available on a Baguette 50p supplement
Ham & Dijon Mustard, Cheese & Pickle, Egg Mayo & Chive or Tuna Mayo: £4.60
Coronation Chicken: £4.75
Prawn & Marie Rose: £5.00
Beef with Onion Gravy: £5.00
Fruit or Cheese Scone: £1.75
Chip Buttie: £4.00
Add Cheese: 75p, Add Egg: £1.00

Keepers Lodge Club Sandwich: £6.50
Toasted triple decker sandwich of chicken, bacon, tomato & egg mayo

Soup of the Day: £3.75
Served with Crusty Bread Roll

Tomato & Mozzarella Salad: £5.95
Basil & Rocket

All £2.95
Chunky Chips | French Fries | Sweet Potato Fries | Dressed Mixed Salad
Seasonal Vegetables | Homemade Onion Rings

Slice of Cake of the Day: £2.00
Ice Cream Selection: £4.00
Dessert of the Day | Warm Chocolate Brownie | Hot Sticky Toffee Pudding: £4.95

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