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Poster Title: Live Well at Matfen

Poster Strapline: Invest in your health, Invest at Matfen Hall.

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Live Well at Matfen
To live well can differ from me to you, however at Matfen we want to work together to get you physically active. Join our community to help you develop as an individual and achieve results together. Our ‘Live Well’ 12 week course will help you become aware of your own physical abilities; we will help you to work on improving your health status and for those that suffer from a diagnosed condition or illness, we offer one to one qualified help. We want people to feel welcome and confident within our facilities and utilise the qualified professional’s we have on site 365 days a year. Re-introduce yourself to new ways of exercising and get excited about moving again!
 Physical in-activity can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and osteoarthritis (NICE guidelines., 2011), make sure you’re getting your active minutes in the most enjoyable way, here at Matfen hall.
 No matter your age, anyone can build muscle and strength! Older adults can reverse sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) and dynapenia (loss of strength) with just 1 session a week in the gym (>6 weeks) Frontera (1988) Journal of Applied Physiology, 64(3), 1038-1044.
 Invest in your health, Invest at Matfen Hall.
 Launching January 2020, each personal training group session works out at around £8.30, session’s must be bought in a block of 12.
 12-week course sign-up must be completed 1 week prior to start date.
Are you getting your 150 minutes of physical activity a week?
Wednesday and Friday 1:30pm to 3.00pm starting Wednesday 8th January
• 12 week course – £198.00 only £8.25 per session, plus £20 joining fee
For More details and to Sign Up to your fitness & lifestyle journey, contact us on:
Leisure Reception: 01661 855710

Price Information: 12 week course – £198.00 only £8.25 per session, plus £20 joining fee

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