Photography Services

It’s said that “a picture paints a thousand words”, so it makes sense to budget for some bespoke photography for your project.

Unique Imagery

It’s a great way to make your website stand out from the crowd.

Unique images always set you apart from the rest, we find that using commercially available stock images is a great low cost way to get started, but you can always tell that it’s a stock image rather than a set shot just for you.

If you need images then why not bundle them into the project? We can do it for you, so it’s a nice, simple solution.

How it’s done

We use high quality Fuji and Nikon cameras and lenses.

If we need to we also have Multibiltz flash heads and other portable lighting systems at our disposal. We make sure that once the images are taken you can use them in all your marketing activities across the board.

They’ll be high enough resolution to use on 6ft trade stands, but you can also download them compressed to use on the web.

Your Images

Your images will be available to you on a permanent online gallery.

The gallery can be password protect, or available for public access, so if magazines, newspapers or other third parties require images then it’s all taken care of – they’re all available permanently in one place.

To visit the downloads gallery click here. You may need a password if you requested your gallery to be set as private.

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