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Jigsaw Recovery Project


The Jigsaw Recovery Project aim to help at risk people leaving local authority care. They partner their support service with counselling, employment and learning development services, to give young care leavers the opportunity to thrive in adulthood.

They’re a relatively new Community Interest Group who had the bare bones of a website that never really got finished. We met the Project Director at the official launch event of another of our websites (  and were asked to pop down and have a chat with them.

They were looking for something very simple, and easy to scan read and understand, but they also wanted to be able to show social media posts on the front page of the site. We embedded recent Facebook and Twitter posts on it, and also included a useful ‘overlays’ feature, which displays snippets of content when required by clicking on images or buttons. It keeps the whole thing neat and tidy, but provides enough information to help people understand what they are all about. We also took some team images for them to use on their ‘Meet the Team’ page.

The next phase is to introduce a web based employee training section, where registered users undergo an online course with tests to prove they have read and understood the content they have been presented.

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August 2, 2017