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Kevan Jones MP

Kevan Jones is the Labour Member of Parliament for North Durham, elected back in 2001. Kevan has had a website for a long time, so a large part of the job was to transfer all of the news articles and images from the old site over to the new one.

The old site was running on a different platform (Drupal) to the one we prefer to use (WordPress), so over six hundred articles needed to be exported, converted and then brought in to the new format. Automation was the key here, as it just wasn’t feasible to do this via manual ‘copy and paste’.

Once the content had all been converted we were left with coming up with a design that made it easy to find articles of specific topics and interests. With a large site like this simplicity and ease of use is important, both in terms of users searching for information and office staff who are responsible for adding it.

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March 13, 2018