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Liz Twist MP

Liz Twist is the Labour Member of Parliament for the Blaydon constituency. She needed a website to communicate to her constituents and keep them up to date with the work that she carries out on their behalf.

The role of Member of Parliament is a busy one, and there’s always stories to tell and news to publish, so that’s what this website is all about. We’ve made it simple for people to connect and engage, offering links and snippets from social channels and categorised news posts to drive people to the articles which are of interest to them. We’ve also built in a system which allows the website administrator to cherry pick four important articles and pin them to the homepage so they can highlight important news over a set time.

We usually host websites on our own optimised WordPress server, but the previous website was hosted on the platform. Rather than effectively have them lose their subscription investment in we built a site which was compatible with that platform so they can continue to manage it as they always have done.

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July 11, 2017