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Malmin Dental

Malmin Dental are a London / Manchester based dental practice, offering general, cosmetic and specialist treatments in four clinics.

This was one of the larger sites that we’ve put together, with lots of content organised into many different sections. The challenge with having so much content is making sure that web users can still drill down to the information they want within a couple of clicks.

We achieved this by using a ‘Mega Menu’ on the treatments menu item, allowing users to jump straight to the page they are interested in with just a single click. We also aimed for our main call to action to be ‘Book an Appointment’.

Malmin Dental are very keen that their customers are able to contact them easily, so we introduced a series of web forms in different places of the site.

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malminorthoMalmin Ortho

We also developed a new website for the orthodontic branch of the business. We based it on the same theme and layout as the main Malmin site to ensure brand consistency, and used similar navigation techniques and page layout.

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January 30, 2016

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