Sheep Matters

Sheep Matters

SHEEP MATTERS is a must-have magazine for the progressive farmer or professional who operates in the UK sheep industry. It’s packed with engaging, informative and timely articles that help the reader to keep abreast of new developments in research and technology, markets and consumer trends.

Published by one of our current customers, Gorse Services, Sheep Matters is a brand new digital and print publication. We put together a simple, single page site which embeds a virtual copy of a demonstration of the magazine, so customers can understand exactly what they’ll be subscribing to.

Subscribers can opt for either a hard copy delivered to their door, or a digital version viewable in their web browser on computer, tablet or mobile. Both print and digital subscriptions are to be handled by the website itself – users will create an account and will be signed up via a recurring payment processed through PayPal, Stripe or any other debit / credit card provider.

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