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Tynedale Business Centres


Tynedale Business Centres operate two units of office accommodation, one in Corbridge and the other in Hexham.

Their previous site served them well for just under ten years (perhaps the longest life span of a site we’ve ever seen), but times change and technology moves on, so a refresh was required.

Older sites don’t work well on mobiles or tablets, so that was the first thing that we put right. We also wanted to build something that required very little maintenance for our customers, so we didn’t go into too many specifics about all the different offices available. We kept things fairly brief, offering all that the business owner needs to know and encouraging them to get in touch via email or phone to find out more.

We did a single scrolling page with overlays, as we wanted the reader to be able to very quickly absorb all of the information and ultimately make contact.

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September 25, 2017