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uS active


uS active provides a bespoke offer of sports and physical activities to empower young people to transform their lives. It has adopted an evidence-based approach that confirms the physical, mental and social benefits derived from participating in physical activity.

They needed a website that would provide information to the main groups of people who they work with – the young people they aim to help, the parents and potential volunteers. Accessibility was a really important aspect of the site, as was building a site which was responsive and could be easily viewed on all manner of devices. We know that a higher proportion of viewers look at the web on mobile / tablet compared to desktop, but with the younger generation this split is much more apparent in favour of mobiles – so it has to look great on a phone.

We also helped out with some video production, and took some photographs of the team for the ‘About Us’ page.

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May 13, 2017

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