Search facilities appear quite often on websites of all kinds. Some people use them to help customers find a product to buy on their eCommerce store, others use it to help drill down to relevant blog posts or articles in their news section, but there’s another good reason for everyone to have a search facility.

In a word, analytics!

Study what your users are searching for

If you add a search facility to your website, you can also set up Google Analytics to record exactly what has been entered into the search box, effectively telling you what your customers (existing or potential) are looking for.

SearchThis adds a vital piece of information to what we already know about them from our analytics, but also guides us when writing new content for our website. If people are searching for something on your site and not finding it, then it’s time to add it. If lots of people are searching for something specific then it’s worth making sure that the results they find help them, and therefore convert well for you.

There’s another benefit, and that’s if you understand what is being searched for, you can also consider these keywords and phrases when developing your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy.

If you’re using WordPress, a search facility is extremely easy to add. It takes less than a minute, and setting it up in Google Analytics takes around the same again. If you’re an elmnet customer and you would like this set up then give us a call, we’ll be happy to help.