Q: How much does a website cost?

A: How long is a piece of string?

Unfortunately this well known phrase applies to our website design charges, as each project is genuinely different. We appreciate though that you will at least like to know roughly what it’s going to cost, so here’s a quick guide.


Get up and running with:
  • Up to five pages
  • Homepage slider
  • Image gallery
  • Contact form
  • Embedded Googlemap
  • WordPress CMS

from £595*


All the features of our ‘Starter’ site plus:
  • Up to ten content pages
  • Multi-field contact form
  • Simple eCommerce facility
  • News section
  • Events Calendar
  • Mailchimp & Social Integrations

from £995*


All ‘Intermediate’ features plus:
  • Lots of pages!
  • Advanced eCommerce
  • Membership System
  • Custom XML Imports
  • Parametric Searches
  • Anything else you can think of!

from £1495*

*Please note that these are estimates of starting prices. Each web project truly is unique, so if you would like a more precise, no obligation estimate please contact us.


All of our websites are hosted on our own server, and are protected by a dedicated hardware firewall. Additionally, each website has it’s own security system protecting your website from hacking attempts. In the unlikely event of your website being hacked we’ll restore the last backup for you for no charge.


Plugin and core updates are very important to keep your site secure, but it’s easy to forget to run them. It’s so important that if you host your site with us we’ll do them for you. We’ll also back up your site every night and keep copies of the last seven days worth of files, then archive monthly for four months.


Our server specification and network capacity has been designed to be far in excess of what we actually need, meaning your site is always available. We also keep your email accounts, backups and website in separate places, so if anything should happen to one the others stay up and running while we fix it.