The Elmnet WordPress Web Hosting Platform

Our web hosting platform has been specifically designed and engineered to power WordPress websites as efficiently as possible. We also take care of all WordPress core and plugin updates for you, and take a snapshot backup of your site every night.

Our hosting platform has been designed on the ‘no single point of failure’ basis, where websites, email accounts, backups and DNS servers are all located in different data centres in different physical locations. We don’t put all of our eggs in one basket!

What? No ‘Unlimited’ Packages?

Many web hosts will attempt to attract customers with the promise of unlimited resources, but all you end up with is an inferior product as they quickly become oversubscribed. We’ve built our platform on creating the best quality hosting for the real life requirements of real people. Trust us, it’s better this way!

Need more power? Contact us and we’ll customise a package to your requirements. Not sure which one is right for you? Ask us and we’ll let you know.

Web Hosting Features

Fast and Resilient

Our web hosting is well specified, with more than enough resources to run even the most challenging WordPress installation. What makes us special though is the quality of the network that carries the traffic to the server. It always runs at well below it’s maximum capacity, meaning your site is always available.

Automated Backups

We run scheduled backups on all of our WordPress installations every night. We keep seven days worth of full backups, and then a further four months of monthly backups. Additionally, you can take a manual backup any time you please via your WordPress control panel.

WordPress Core and Plugin Updates

The most important thing to do if you own a WordPress website is to keep your WordPress core and any plugin files up to date. This is vital to ensure that your site remains secure. It can be a bind though, and it’s easy to forget, so we’ll do it for you, every week.

Free WordPress Migrations

Do you need a hand migrating your site over to us? How about we do it for you for free? We’ll set up a fresh installation of WordPress on our server, then move across all your content, plugins and themes. You’ll not have any down time, and all we’ll need from you is your WordPress login information.